Servo stabilizer


  • Quick, steady and accurate correction of voltage
  • Constant output voltage, despite load current variations
  • Balanced output voltage, irrespective of input unbalance
  • Overall energy saving - above 98% efficiency
  • Increased life of your equipment, reduced heating and minimal losses
  • Optional features include additional metering, surge suppression, voltage cut-off, overload protection, single phase prevention, bypass mechanism, Soft Start, time delay, audio-visual alarms, trips for abnormalities, etc.

Features of Servo Voltage Stabilizer :

  • Fully Solid State Control Circuit
  • + 1.0%Regulation
  • No Wave-form Distortion
  • High Efficiency of 98% on full load
  • Auto/Manual Operation Facility
  • Over Voltage & Under Voltage Protection: With this feature, the unit will automatically switch off when the output voltage remains for certain time above or below a certain preset voltage limit.
  • Overload protection to switch off the unit when the load current remains at a value higher than the rated value
  • Extended input Range 140-280 V/110-260 V/90-260V or other volatge range on request.
  • 110 V (output) can also be supplied.
  • Built in spike suppressor.
  • Single Phasing Preventor for three phase Units
  • AM Meter with/without switch.
  • Manual By Pass facility


  • MICRO-CONTROLLER BASED Intelligent Control Design.
  • Display Indications (Status & Fault)
  • CCCV Technology with Auto Trickle Mode
  • Smart Overload Sense and Short Circuit Protection
  • Battery State Monitoring
  • Easily Serviceable
  • Cold start function